Under the Act of 30th May 2014 on Consumer Rights (Polish Office Journal 2014, pos. 827) entrepreneur Waisted Jarosław Bryl (hereinafter as “Seller”), Company telephone no.: + 48667341511, e-mail address:, in relation to will to conclude a sale agreement informs Consumer that:

  • under the agreement Seller will sell to Consumer goods or clothes (hereinafter “Product”) ordered by him on the conditions resulting from Terms and Conditions that were presented to Consumer.
  • Seller will contact Consumer through electronic mail, telephone, or through information published on Product Page on website.
  • Consumer can quickly and effectively contact Service Provider under telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address indicated above. Consumer may submit a complaint in Seller’s headquarters and under e-mail adress(-es) indicated above.
  • Total price for Product ordered by Consumer, including taxes, will appear on website (“Price”). Additional payments that Consumer is obliged to incur is payment for Product shipping, where this payment depends on package delivery method selected by Consumer. Detailed information on other payments that Consumer is obliged to incur is available on Product page on website, in which was included invitation to conclude an agreement. Total amount that Consumer will have to pay for agreement conclusion will be presented to him before an order is placed.
  • Seller can choose the payment method. Payment for ordered Product can be done using online transfer and payment card in one of online transfer systems accepted by the Shop. Payment with transfer or payment card is done directly after an order is placed.
  • Goods will be issued in a time period determined in order confirmation, but no later than within 30 (thirty) day from agreement conclusion date, where the goods issuance will depend on Customer making payment. Service fulfilment is done by delivering Product in a way indicated by Customer (via courier company).
  • Seller uses complaint procedure described in detail in Section VI of Internet Shop Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”). Complaints can be submitted to e-mail address or in Seller’s office.
  • Seller is responsible towards Consumer for the quality of delivered Product under rules determined in Civil Code and Section VI of Terms and Conditions.
  • Seller does not provide additional warranty on sold Product.
  • Consumer has the right to withdraw from Agreement within 14 days without providing any reason. Date for withdrawal from agreement expires after 14 days from the date of delivering Product to Consumer.
  • To use right to withdraw from Agreement, Consumer must inform about his decision to withdraw from Agreement by way of a clear declaration submitted in writing or on Seller’s e-mail address. Consumer may use agreement withdrawal form attached to this information, as well as Terms and Conditions. However, it is not obligatory.
  • To keep Agreement withdrawal date it will be sufficient if Consumer will send information regarding the execution of right to withdraw from Agreement, to which Consumer is entitled, before Agreement withdrawal date expires.
  • In case of withdrawal from Agreement Seller returns to Consumer all received payments within 14 days from date on which Seller was informed about the execution of Agreement withdrawal right.
  • In case when Consumer uses the right to withdraw from agreement, Consumer is obliged to immediately send or hand back to Seller delivered Product under address os. Tysiąclecia 5/2 61-255 Poznań, Poland and in any case no later than within 14 days from date on which Consumer informed Seller about withdrawal from Agreement. Date is kept if Consumer will send Product back before 14 days pass. Consumer will have to suffer direct costs of Product return.
  • Seller is obliged to provide a Product without defects. If delivered Product possesses defects, then Consumer should inform about this fact Seller, who will remove defects for which he is responsible. In pt. 4 and 5 of Section VI of Terms and Conditions are determined claims that Consumer may pursue in relation to found defect.
  • A civil law dispute between Consumer and Seller for sold Product can be resolved by reconciliation by way of extra-judicial proceeding regarding resolving consumer disputes. Consumers may also attempt to resolve disputes using Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform (electronic link to ODR platform: In addition, Consumer may pursue claims related to Agreement by way of judicial proceeding.
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