• Seller is obliged to issue a Product without defects. This means that Product:
    • has properties that an item of this type should possess due to goal in agreement marked or resulting from circumstances and intended use;
    • has properties about which Seller ensured buyer, including presenting a sample of template;
    • is suitable for purpose about which Customer has informed Seller when concluding agreement and Seller has not submitted any objections regarding such intended use;
    • was issued to Customer in a complete condition.
  • In case of conclusion that delivered Product is defective, Consumer may use rights granted to him by Seller for warranty. Seller’s responsibility towards Customer who is not a Consumer is limited to the amount of price paid by Customer.
  • Customer should inform Seller about observed defects. If it will be necessary to sent Product back to Shop, Seller will inform Consumer about that fact within 14 days from complaint submission date. Product sent back should be attached proof of purchase and complaint description. Complaint can be submitted in electronic form on address or in written form on Shop’s address. Complaint should contain in particular a description of problem that is the basis of complaint and electronic mail address or other correspondence address of Customer submitting complaint.
  • Consumer may submit a declaration about price reduction or withdrawal from agreement unless Seller will immediately and without excessive inconveniences for Consumer replace defective item with item without defects or will remove the defect. The above does not concern a situation when item was already replaced or repaired by Seller or when Seller did not comply with obligation replace item to one without defects or remove the defect.
  • Instead of defect removal proposed by Seller, Consumer can request replacement of item to one without defects or instead of replacement request defect removal unless making item in line with agreement in a way selected by Seller is impossible or would require excessive costs in comparison to method proposed by Seller.
  • Reduced price should remain in such a proportion towards price resulting from agreement, in which value of an item with defect remains towards value of an item without defect. Consumer cannot withdraw from agreement if the defect is insignificant.
  • Seller will immediately, but no later than within 14 days from date of receiving package with Product covered by complaint, state his opinion regarding submitted complaint and will inform Customer about further proceeding. Seller will immediately inform Customer submitting a complaint about the result of complaint handling in writing or via electronic mail on electronic mail address provided in submission.
  • A civil law dispute between Consumer and Seller for sold Product can be resolved by reconciliation by way of extra-judicial proceeding regarding resolving consumer disputes or in front of arbitral tribunal run next to Voivodeship Commercial Inspection Authority. Consumers may also attempt to resolve disputes using Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform (electronic link to ODR platform: In addition, Consumer may pursue claims related to Agreement by way of judicial proceeding.
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